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1. Where does Myonsto deliver?

We would deliver to the moon if we could! But for now we deliver to all corners of Ahmedabad.

2. How long will Myonsto take to deliver my order?

We will deliver your favorite Myonsto products within 24 hours of confirming your order and receiving the payment (in case of online pre-payment, not cash-on-delivery). Our trusted delivery man will call you to confirm the order and make the delivery during our working hours of 9am to 9pm. (Hey, we love what we do, but we need to sleep too!)

3. What is the minimum order value for delivery?

Since our economy is not yet friends with cheap oil, we ask you to place a minimum order of Rs.500 if you wish to make use of the Myonsto delivery service. Please note this is only the current value; it can be changed in the future depending on various circumstances.

4. Is there a delivery charge?

Well, we have good news and great news. The good news is that for the time being there is a very tiny delivery fee of only Rs.30 on orders of Rs.500 and above. The great news is that on orders of Rs.1000 and above, your Myonsto delivery is absolutely free of charge!

5. What is the delivery process of Myonsto?

Oh, it’s as simple as a-b-c-d:
a) Your order will be received by the fine young members of our core team.
b) Our prompt delivery man will call you to confirm the order and set a delivery time that suits you.
c) Once you confirm, we will neatly pack and send your goodies to your desired address within 24 hours.
d) Done!

6. What happens if I'm not at home when my order arrives?

Don’t worry; we’ll work around your busy schedule. When our delivery man calls you to confirm the order, he will also check your availability and make the delivery only when you are home to receive it. In case you’re not reachable on the number you’ve provided and cannot confirm the delivery, we’ll have no choice but to cancel your order and refund your money. If you’ve already paid for your order online, the money will be either credited to your Myonsto Wallet if you so choose, or the transaction will be reversed and the money will be credited back to your bank account.

7. Does Myonsto offer ‘cash on delivery’? How does this work?

Absolutely! You can choose to pay in cash for your Myonsto order when you receive it. When our delivery man calls you to confirm your delivery, he will tell you the bill amount (with delivery charges, if applicable). It’ll be great if you can keep the total amount ready in cash, with as much change as possible, to make the process super smooth. But please keep in mind that if you’ve chosen to pay cash on delivery, we can accept only cash. No cheques, cards, or any other form of payment will work.

8. Can I change my order after I’ve placed it?

Oops, sorry! Once your order has been confirmed, we won’t be able to make any changes to it. However we’d be delighted if you place a new order if you wish to get more great stuff from Myonsto.

9. Can I order online and pick it up myself from your store?

As much as we’d love to meet our customers face-to-face, at the moment we don’t offer this pick-up option. Besides, our delivery men need the exercise!

10. How do I return stuff if I don’t like the quantity or quality of the products delivered to me?

We strive our hardest to ensure you never have to return a Myonsto product. However we also request that you thoroughly check the products delivered to you, and if you find you’re not happy with anything, please return it/them to the delivery man. Just keep a few points in mind: Write a small note on the bill telling us the name of the product you want to return, and don’t forget to sign it! If you’ve already paid online while ordering, we will refund your money after adjusting any applicable delivery or discount charges. For a cash-on-delivery order, you can pay the delivery man only for the products you want to keep. Remember, if your original order was applicable for a free delivery (i.e. it was above Rs.1000) and after returns the order value becomes less than Rs.1000, then the applicable delivery charge of Rs.30 will have to be paid by you. Similarly, if you were availing any offer based on bill amount previously, it will have to be reversed and deducted from your refund, based on your revised bill amount after returns. Returns and refunds can be made within 48 hours of delivery.

11. What if I want to cancel my order?

Ouch. We don’t really like cancellations, but you can take one of 3 roads in this case:
1) When our delivery man calls you to confirm the order, you can request him to cancel it at that time itself. We will do the needful and process your refund immediately.
2) If you have already accepted the delivery, no return or cancellation can be made. If you still insist on cancelling the order for a specific reason, write to us on or call us on +91-7043000222, mentioning your order number, order date, and reason for cancellation. We’ll look into it and attend to your concerns asap.
3) Change your mind! If you think of all the great stuff Myonsto is bringing to you, this will be easy. :)

12. When and how will I get my refund in case of cancellation or product return?

If you have decided (sigh) to return or cancel your Myonsto order (in part or in full), we will process your refund within 3 working days of the return or cancellation. We’ve found that it may take 7-14 working days for the actual refund to reflect in your Credit Card or Bank Account. We won’t be making any refunds in cash. We will also have to deduct any applicable delivery or discount/offer charges from your refund amount. If you wish to know anything more about refunds, please write to us on and we’ll call or mail you back quickly with an update.

13. What happens if the things I want to order are out of stock?

Then they must be selling like hot cakes! No seriously, we will usually be well-stocked with all products, but in case we do run out of your desired products, and don’t expect to get them over 48 hours, someone from our team will call and update you. They will also help you out with suggestions on alternative products that are in stock, should you choose to order them instead. Your bill amount will be adjusted to reflect these changes as applicable (i.e. the out-of-stock products charge will be deducted, and charges of any alternate products selected will be added), and we will deliver your revised order as per your convenience.

14. Can I place bulk orders or book special hampers at Myonsto?

Call us mushy, but we like to think every Myonsto order is special! But sure, if you need large quantities of an item for a special occasion, you can:
a) Click here to fill in the Bulk Order Form with your enquiry and someone from our team will get in touch with you within one working day of your submission.
b) Consider inviting us to your party! We promise almost all of us are well-behaved guests.

15. What if my product is not listed on the website?

Lucky for you, we’re always open for improvement. Just click here to leave your suggestions about the products you would like to see featured on Myonsto, and we’ll try our best to bring them to you soon. Be sure to leave an email or contact detail so we can keep you updated on the progress of your popular demand!