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Greet the new breed.

Myonsto is created and led by a team of young, innovative, committed entrepreneurs who are boldly riding the wave

of a revolutionary new India. As the internet continues to drastically change the way we live, feel, share, and grow,

India stands at the forefront of a new era in the concept of ecommerce. Driven by an urge to make your digital

experience interesting, and your lives fulfilling, Myonsto represents a dynamic new breed.


Shop smart.

Myonsto, literally ‘my online store’, is the first online supermarket & grocery store in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

The idea was born out of a simple desire to extend the convenience of online shopping to every consumer’s

routine needs and wants, not just his clothes and gadgets. From daily groceries, fruits, vegetables and

household supplies, to special international foods, bakery goods and desserts, we bring a staggering variety of

over 5000 products, from your fingertips to your doorstep. An idea whose time has come, it’s really the smartest way to shop.


Take it easy, Ahmedabad.

As an innovative alternative to traditional grocery shopping, Myonsto comes as a blessing for a fast-expanding city

like Ahmedabad. In a few clicks, you can say goodbye to the daily woes of driving in chaotic traffic, hunting endlessly

for parking, pushing screechy trolleys through crowded alleys and lifting heavy bags. Myonsto delivers everything on

your shopping list right to the comfort of your home, within 24 hours. In a complex culture like the new Ahmedabad,

Myonsto makes shopping easier than ever before.


Enjoy smooth surfing.

As a website Myonsto uses the latest technologies to provide a highly responsive online experience. Designed with

rich functionality, the site is easy to access and efficient to use. Its optimized coding also ensures quick content

delivery and faster downloads. Say hello to super smooth browsing even as you shop.